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Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen
Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen

Affordable TPE Doll Ayleen

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Material: TPE

***The body shown in the photos is for reference only, the actual body size is shown in below table***

We strongly recommend you buy 168cm skinny body, you can refer to the model in below video.

Body Type 168cm skinny
Upper Bust(cm) 81.5
Under Bust(cm) 63
Waist(cm) 49.5
Hips(cm) 79.5
Neck Girth(cm) 28
Shoulder Width(cm) 32
Arm Length(cm) 52.5
Thigh Length(cm) 42
Thigh Girth(cm) 43
Calf Length(cm) 45.5
Palm Length(cm) 15.5
Foot Length(cm) 19
Net Weight(kg) 35
Depth of Oral(cm) 11
Depth of Vagina(cm) 18
Depth of Anus(cm) 15
Body Type 140cm 145cm
Upper Bust(cm) 73 74
Under Bust(cm) 56 59
Waist(cm) 46 49
Hips(cm) 75 77
Neck Girth(cm) 25 26
Shoulder Width(cm) 35 35
Arm Length(cm) 44 44
Thigh Length(cm) 31 33
Thigh Girth(cm) 40 40
Calf Length(cm) 37 37
Palm Length(cm) 14 14
Foot Length(cm) 17 17
Net Weight(kg) 24 25.5
Depth of Oral(cm) 10 10
Depth of Vagina(cm) 15.5 15.5
Depth of Anus(cm) 14.5 14.5
Body Type 152cm 158cm
Upper Bust(cm) 80.5 82
Under Bust(cm) 59 64.5
Waist(cm) 52 50
Hips(cm) 78 77
Neck Girth(cm) 27.5 30
Shoulder Width(cm) 32.5 34
Arm Length(cm) 44 44
Thigh Length(cm) 39 39
Thigh Girth(cm) 41.5 44.5
Calf Length(cm) 40 45
Palm Length(cm) 15 16
Foot Length(cm) 17 20
Net Weight(kg) 29 32
Depth of Oral(cm) 10 11
Depth of Vagina(cm) 16 18
Depth of Anus(cm) 13 15

Above size might vary depending on measurement method.

  • All dolls do not come with the cloths shown in our photos.
  • Random Wig & Lingerie are included, but they are not same as in picture.
  • 152cm or above comes with standing feet function.


Why is the price of non-branded dolls cheaper than branded dolls?

  1. Non-branded dolls reduce costs through mass standardized production. Branded dolls are usually produced in a customized way, so the production cost is very high.
  2. Non-branded dolls are transported by sea to a warehouse in the destination country at one time, and then express to each destination, thereby reducing logistics costs by more than 60%. The branded dolls are all custom-made, and there is no inventory in the destination country. They can only be delivered from the factory to the destination separately, and the logistics cost is very high.

Is the quality of non-branded dolls the same as that of branded dolls?

YES they all are made by medical grade TPE materials. The makeup spraying technique is exactly the same.