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Why do you need a sex doll?

Do people who already have sex partners don’t need sex dolls? Let's discuss it.

Are you still watching AV to masturbate? According to research findings, masturbation with hands for a long time can easily lead to impotence. Silicone sex dolls have mouths, breasts, pussy and buttocks that are close to real women. If you do not have a sexual partner, you can avoid impotence caused by masturbation by having sex with a silicone sex doll.

If you already suffer from mild impotence and often fail to get an erection quickly when having sex with your sexual partner, it may be due to a temporary loss of self-confidence for some reason. When you face a silicone sex doll, you can get an erection, penetrate the vagina and ejaculate smoothly without stress. By having sex with a sex doll, self-confidence can be continuously enhanced and the problem of impotence can be improved.

Some people become depressed because of the temporary loss of sexual partners, which can easily lead to mental illness. Research has found that such people are prone to Major depressive disorder (MDD) and even suicidal thoughts. Silicone sex dolls can play the role of companionship until the arrival of a new sexual partner.


  • Om Ady

    I agree but I can not afford to buy cause local policy.

  • Xman007

    Hey guys are you using sex dolls?

  • Lucus

    I agree with this but i cannot afford a sex doll, any suggestion?

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