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Do you really know how much harm is if you don’t have sex for a long time? 

For adults, sex is a very important part, regular sex also has many benefits to health, and it can also increase the love between husband and wife. If there is no sex for a long time, it may cause a lot of harm to your health. So, do you know what harm is there if you do not have sex for a long time? 

  1. Endocrine disorders

Normal and regular sex can stimulate the female ovaries to secrete estrogen and play a role in regulating endocrine. If you do not have sex for a long time, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders. 

Endocrine disorders can lead to skin deterioration, and can also lead to faster body aging and early menopause. When some women's sexual urges are not resolved, desire may be transformed into appetite, which makes the body more and more fatter. 

  1. Frosty

Not having sex for a long time can also lead to female sexual frigidity and sexual indifference. In particular, many women have a slow rate of sexual arousal. If coupled with a long period of not having sex, it will cause difficulty in sexual arousal, and no response to touching or kissing. At the same time Accompanied by vaginal dryness. 

  1. Impotence

Men who have not had sex for a long time will also increase the incidence of sexual dysfunction, and the chance of impotence will increase more than twice. The main reason is that when men have sexual desire, the brain will receive instructions to stimulate the pituitary gland and make the penis congested and become active. If a man suppresses desire for a long time, the penis will feel unfamiliar with this stimulus, and eventually will experience slower reactions or impotence. 

  1. Easy to catch a cold

Sex is not only a catharsis, but also a way of exercise for the body. Studies have found that having sex once or twice a week can increase the amount of immunoglobulin A in the body. Too little sex will increase the chance of catching a cold. 

  1. Depression

For some people, sex is also a way to vent stress and bad emotions. Because the brain secretes endorphins and oxytocin during sex, these secretions can improve mood and relieve stress. Therefore, people who have not had sex for a long time are more likely to have anxiety, irritability and other emotions. 

  1. Increase cardiovascular risk

Sex can consume calories. It can be said that this is a kind of aerobic exercise. Sex can enhance heart function and lung capacity. If there is no sex for a long time, it will also increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Conclusion: Although the lack of sex for a long time will bring the above-mentioned harm, this does not mean that the more sex the better, but the reasonable sex. Too little or too much sex will affect your health. We strongly recommend you to buy a sex doll if you don't have any sex partner.

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